In today’s global development and technological advancement, the transmission of information has become fast and effective. We set new standards and regard the convenience and time of our clients, which is why we have created an e-Office, where we provide tools with the 24/7 access to information. We support the clients by modern solutions, respond to phone and email inquiries, calculate translations, and accept new course or exam candidates’ entries through intuitive online forms. In the case of language levelling, we save the new students’ time and stress by using adequate placement tests in an interactive form accurately checking their level according to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR).

For many years, the Lang Lion platform has also supported us in the complex management of our language school. It is the space where we control all processes that take place at our schools. In addition to providing convenient contact on the office – student – teacher line, we create e-contracts, generate courses, set the schedules, conduct online activities through ZOOM integration, create an acceptable payment schedule for the client, and offer the option to pay directly from the system using payU. All from home, with the 24h access by logging in to your profile.

Using the mobile app, our learners can always be up to date while monitoring the details of the lessons and their progress. With the telephone in their hands, the students have a constant control over the graphic, including checking the end of the course date, cancelled lessons or schedule changes, and what is important an overview of the teaching materials from their teacher attached to the topic.