In BBT, in addition to the educational program during the holidays, we offer attractive workshops and language camps. Acquiring new knowledge is most effective when we allow the brain to forget the process of learning itself. Then, we learn more successfully and remember better. We encourage students to learn a foreign language on holiday, in relaxed environment and positive emotions – the fastest way to learn languages!

Workshops and semi-camps

We invite students to attend one of the BBT holiday programs, where we maintain holiday fun and a wonderful atmosphere. The rich and attractive language program is complemented by our international guests and our native speakers. During the meetings we expand imagination, create, discover and learn English language.

Language camps

As an ATAS agency office, we strongly encourage young people to develop language skills during the trips. Specializing in youth and language tourism, ATAS supports teenagers in their development through valuable educational programs. As a top tour operator of the year 2019 in the Youth Tourism category, ATAS has been successfully cooperating with public schools and teachers from all over Poland. BBT offers you an up-to-date offer for recommended language camps, including the ones guided by our teachers. Malta and England are the most attractive destinations for us.

The holiday 2022 offer available in March 2022