PTE General

Pearson English International Certificate (PTE General) is an international English language exam for students and adults.

  • evaluates 4 key skills, i.e. speaking, writing, reading, and listening
  • focuses on the active language that is common in everyday life and educational environment
  • is recognized by employers, universities, government and educational institutions
  • allows you to demonstrate your language skills when performing familiar tasks such as writing messages, reading articles or conducting a conversation

Both the written and oral part are checked by external examiners in the UK and the test is accredited by the independent Oquaral organization.

At each level, the test consists of a written and oral part and is correlated with the Common European Framework Reference for languages (CEFR) scale.

THE WRITTEN PART consists of nine sections and checks the listening, reading and writing skills. It contains multiple-choice questions, questions requiring short written answers, as well as longer written statements.

THE ORAL PART consists of three or four parts, depending on the level and lasts between 5 and 8 minutes. The tasks are a short statement, a discussion, a description of the picture and a discussion with the role played.

Level 1A11 hr 35 min. + 5 min.
Level 2B11 hr 35 min. + 7 min.
Level 3B22 hrs + 7 min.
Level 4C12 hrs 30 min. + 8 min.
Level 5C22 hrs 55 min. + 8 min.

Next sessions: December 2021 / February 2022 / June 2022